Senior Center

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The Center for Visually Handicapped Adults

The Center for Visually Handicapped Adults is a non-profit

charitable organization. The objective is to train and re-educate low to moderate income seniors in our community who suffered the impairment of their sight.

The unique feature of the Center, apart from the variety of the programs and classes offered, is the safe and regular transportation by courteous and dependable drivers for all those who attend. The furnishing of individual transportation daily to and from the Center and to many extra-curricular activities is essential to make the Center available to those visually impaired.

 .. MOBILITY TRAINING Proper use of the and independence for The cane becomes their sight helping them step training in how to daily routines that the sighted

 .. PHYSICAL THERAPY The exercise classes offered are essential to maintain muscular tone and mobility. Physical mobility is of prime concern to the elderly. With expert and patient guidance some of the members have become All who participate have found a source of pleasure, fun and excitement.

 .. GROUP THERAPY Group therapy is held at the Center under the guidance of a licensed psychologist. Therapy sessions are very important in recognizing, understanding, and coping with emotional and psychological problems that are inherent in serious physical losses. These problems are compounded in the elderly but can be partially alleviated through this support system.

 .. COMMUNICATION SKILLS The Center has also trained therapist and volunteers to teach typing skills as legible handwritting is very difficult and sometimes impossible for our students. This enables the students to perform necessary business correspondence as well as providing them with a means to communicate with friends and relatives.

 .. ARTS AND CRAFTS The joy and personal satisfaction of creativity is not overlooked by the Center. Classes in knitting, sewing, crocheting, ceramics, and macrame are offered and enjoyed by the participants. These classes are also serve to enhance physical mobility.